Midday Veil – Eyes All Around

[TLO 03] Debut studio full-length from Midday Veil.  Produced and recorded by Mell Dettmer at Aleph Studios in West Seattle.

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“gorgeousness wrapped up in a song […] An album for repeated listens that rewards your efforts”

“Eyes All Around is an album of perfect balance – a meditation on life and death, light and dark, ambient, near-subliminal blankets of sound and loud, jaw-clenching power. It is an album in the truest sense: oversized, vividly illustrated and providing an anthology of distinct, yet distinctly intertwined, songs, sounds and emotions.”

Revolt of the Apes

“Eyes All Around is one of those ‘take you on a journey’ recordings; it’s a sensational round trip that’s both exceptionally harrowing and blissful, mystical and earthy, cerebral and sensual. Mind expansion rarely is this sexy.”
– Dave Segal,  The Stranger

Selected tracks from Eyes All Around by Midday Veil

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