Portable Shrines Magic Sound Theatre Vol. 1

Portable Shrines Magic Sound Theatre Vol. 1 cover

[TLO04] Portable Shrines Magic Sound Theatre Vol. 1

Double LP vinyl-only compilation curated by Portable Shrines, the DIY organization responsible for Seattle’s Escalator Festival (2009-2011). Features rare or exclusive tracks by eighteen garage, psych, and experimental bands from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Deluxe gatefold packaging features artwork by Aubrey Nehring, Emily Pothast, Garek Druss, Dewey Mahood and Steve Quenell. Mastered by Mell Dettmer at Aleph Studios.

Limited edition of 1000 LPs with download card included.

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“…this sprawling double album collects together some of the finest bands currently working the Northwest offering an eclectic and often excellent overview of the scene. Limited to only 1000 copies, this lovingly compiled vinyl artefact is housed in a sleeve designed by the collective, the graphics matching the music, the whole thing proving that there is a place in the world for music that steps across boundaries and does what it damn well wants. Show some support and check it out.” – Simon Lewis, Terrascope UK


  1. Geist & the Sacred Ensemble – Circles
  2. Plankton Wat – Astro Fields
  3. Tiny Light – Shasta
  4. Diminished Men – Oblong Trance
  5. To Get Her Together – Gotta Make Your Hands Work
  6. AFCGT – Clock
  7. Midday Veil – Child of God
  8. Brother Raven – Beast
  9. Eternal Tapestry – Chrome Forest
  10. Prince Rama – I am not invincible
  11. Master Musicians of Bukkake – BAN A CHU*
  12. Janina Angel Bath – Mudra
  13. Blood Red Dancers – The Lamb
  14. This Blinding Light – Soul On Fire
  15. Night Beats – Thorns
  16. Purple Rhinestone Eagle – Burn It Down
  17. A Story of Rats – _/_ (revised)
  18. Kinski – Whatever Happened to Madeleine Stowe

*Master Musicians of Bukkake track is exclusive to vinyl (not included in download).


6 thoughts on “Portable Shrines Magic Sound Theatre Vol. 1

  1. made my best of list. where’s volume 2?!

    Top Tunes of 2011

    New Releases

    200 years – ST (Drag City)
    A Tree of Night – ST (Kummon-2)
    Alexander Tucker – Dorwytch (Thrill Jockey)
    Anders – In the dark Hours (Kummon-2)
    Anonymous – Bells Ringing In the Dells of Haunted Hours (Time-Lag)
    Dan Melchior-Assemblage Blues (Siltbreeze)
    Holy Cobras – Forever (Telephone Explosion)
    Kebnekaje – Idioten (Subliminal Sounds)
    L. Eugene Methe – Calendar Work (Grapefruit Record Club)
    Limbo – ST (Kummon-2)
    Matt Valentine – What I Became (Woodsist)
    Meg Baird – Seasons On Earth (Drag City)
    Michael Chapman – The Resurrection and Revenge of the Clayton Peacock (Ecstatic Peace)
    Moon Duo – Mazes (Sacred Bones)
    Purling Hiss – Lounge Lizards (Mexican Summer)
    Richard Youngs – Long White Cloud (Grapefruit Record Club)
    Six Organs of Admittance – Maria Kapel (Pavilion)
    Trembling Bells – The Constant Pageant (Honest Jon’s)
    Village of Spaces – Alchemy and Trust (Corleone/Turned World/Don’t Trust the Ruin/war On Records)
    Woods – Sun and Shade (Woodsist)


    Boddie Recording Company: Cleveland Ohio (Numero Group)
    Not the Spaces You Know, But Between Them (Three Lobed)
    Portable Shrines – Magic Sound theatre Volume 1 (Portable Shrines)
    TITAN: It’s All Pop (Numero Group)
    Turkish Freakout: Psych-Folk Singles 1969-1980 Volumes 1 & 2 (Bouzouki Joe)


    Eddie Callahan – False Ego (Time-Lag)
    Gary Higgins – A Dream Awhile Back (Drag City)
    John Palmer – Shorelines (Void)
    Kleenex/Liliput – 1977 1983 (Mississippi)
    Tom Zacharias – Belinda & Belinda’s Daughter (Subliminal Sounds)

  2. @Mark, that’s a great list…it’s an honor to be on it! We haven’t started working on Vol. II yet but I’m sure we will someday. We’ll keep you posted.

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