Midday Veil – Subterranean Ritual II

Midday Veil - Subterranean Ritual II

[TLO05] The latest installment in Midday Veil’s series of “Subterranean Ritual” improvised recordings, STRII is comprised of two haunting tracks recorded by Mell Dettmer at Aleph Studios.

Edition of 200 cassettes with download card.


(Digital version still available via Bandcamp.)


“The ‘improvised sound rituals’ featured on Midday Veil’s ‘Subterranean Ritual II’ shimmer and sway in a slow motion psychedelic breeze. With droning analog synth, reverberant baritone guitar, and gentle tom strokes leading the way, Emily Pothast’s treated wordless vocals fill in the spaces between, creating a spectral ambience that recedes and crests to the group’s own highly attuned sense of time and (s)pace.”

Cassette Gods

“Great synth emanations, very strong meditative ghostly/Eastern female vocalizations, invocative guitar summons, and truly climactic percussion.  […] a build toward mystical and cosmic encounters that is very successful at trapping the ungraspable, making audibly incarnate the incorporeal.”

Foxy Digitalis

“Sensual and mystical…the rhythms of a world gone completely mad for all the right reasons.”

Tiny Mix Tapes

“…a seductive…slither down a nocturnal, minimal-rock alleyway. It’s all about restraint and exquisite sensual tension, radiating a subliminal shimmer on the horizon of your mind’s eye. Quelle spectral!”

The Stranger

“Midday Veil…possess the spirits of the greats of psychedelic rock (Ash Ra Tempel, especially)”

Weed Temple

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