JJAAXXNN – Space Case [CS]

[TLO14] Our first release of 2014 is TLO14! Space Case is a heavy mellow collection of sun-drenched synth pop from JJAAXXNN, the solo project of California drifter Joshua Bruner, formerly of San Francisco psych jammers Magic Leaves.
Edition of 150 cassettes with download card. Mastered by M. Geddes Gengras.



“With cassettes like Space Case, who needs vinyl? Translinguistic Other did a great job on this tape, producing a ‘BOOM’ you don’t normally get from the relatively cheap medium. So just who is this JJAAXXNN? … His is a hyper world, full of mechanized beats that lay the high hat on heavy, bass bumps that hit the brain like lumps of caw-caine, synths launching to the sky…”

Tiny Mix Tapes

Release date: March 9, 2014

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