Swahili - AMOVREVX

[TLO16]   Translinguistic Other is proud to announce the release of AMOVREVX, the second album by essential Portland quintet Swahili.

For fans of Swahili’s lo-fi, séancing 2012 self-titled debut, the polished pop of AMOVREVX might seem like a surprising departure, however the new album is a faithful chronicle of the band’s studied forays into the realm of electronic music and the experience gained from more than seven years together in constant evolution.

Named for the sixth arcanum of the Tarot de Marseilles, AMOVREVX (“The Lover”) explores themes of duality, partnership, and the interplay of opposing forces in the constant renewal of creation.

“I think of this album as a multidimensional slingshot,” says vocalist Van Pham. “It begins on a crossroads, then travels around this mysterious inner world, visiting many different sonic landscapes along the way.”

70s funk, post-punk, dub reggae and the 80s synth bliss of Vangelis and Giorgio Moroder are all features in this landscape, though these influences are subsumed into a whole that transcends the sum of its parts.

AMOVREVX is presented on CD and in a deluxe edition of 500 LPs with download codes and two original tarot cards.





“exquisite, funk-inflicted pop music fused onto boundless, synthesized landscapes.”

No Fear of Pop

JJAAXXNN – Space Case [CS]

[TLO14] Our first release of 2014 is TLO14! Space Case is a heavy mellow collection of sun-drenched synth pop from JJAAXXNN, the solo project of California drifter Joshua Bruner, formerly of San Francisco psych jammers Magic Leaves.
Edition of 150 cassettes with download card. Mastered by M. Geddes Gengras.



“With cassettes like Space Case, who needs vinyl? Translinguistic Other did a great job on this tape, producing a ‘BOOM’ you don’t normally get from the relatively cheap medium. So just who is this JJAAXXNN? … His is a hyper world, full of mechanized beats that lay the high hat on heavy, bass bumps that hit the brain like lumps of caw-caine, synths launching to the sky…”

Tiny Mix Tapes

Release date: March 9, 2014

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A Story of Rats – Vastness and the Inverse [LP]

ASOR Vastness and the Inverse

[TLO11] Hazy, ethereal vocals and slow-building keyboard drones adorn spare, funereal drums on the latest full-length from A Story of Rats, the brainchild of Seattle-based multimedia artist Garek J. Druss. Vastness is Druss’s twelfth release as ASOR—including one previous full-length LP—and the first to incorporate live drums, performed by Andrew Crawshaw.

Recorded and mixed by Blake Green and mastered by James Plotkin. Featuring original artwork by Druss, hand screened by Crawshaw at Broken Press.

Edition of 300 LPs with download card. Digital download includes an exclusive remix of “Her Teeth are Nil” by AUTHOR & PUNISHER.

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Vastness and the Inverse … is a crushing display of how heavy music can be without strictly being metal.”

We Must Obey

“A STORY OF RATS deposit you in a cavernous, labyrinthine landscape which they lead you through with torchbearing hands over the course of two long pieces…Working with synth, vocals and drums primarily, the trio create so much with so little. There’s a mastery of atmosphere on this album. ”



Geist & the Sacred Ensemble – In Search of Fabled Lands

[TLO07] Debut full-length from Seattle dark folk shamans Geist & the Sacred Ensemble.  Recorded by Bobby Wane, mastered by Mell Dettmer.

Edition of 100 cassettes with download card.



“This Seattle trio is creating dark, sinister, trembling earth ballads that have echoes of country evenings and haunted memories. Almost reminiscent of the earliest, best freak folk sounds of bands like Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice, they would sound right at home on an Arthur comp in 2004 or around a Southwestern campfire in 1921.”

– Ari Spool, Impose Magazine

“…a snakey, earthy brand of mind food, best experienced after midnight in nature.”

– Dave Segal, The Stranger’s Line Out

“As a largely acoustic musical meditation on death and rebirth (various deaths and various rebirths, real and imagined, physical and psychological, to these ears), In Search of Fabled Lands resists easy categorization, at once skyward-gazing and planted firmly six feet underground. It’s an album that rewards the patient listener…”

Revolt of the Apes

Fungal Abyss – Bardo Abgrund Temple

Fungal Abyss - Bardo Abgrund Temple

[TLO06] Debut studio full-length from Fungal Abyss, the psychedelic improv sister project of Seattle heavyweights Lesbian. Recorded by Nathan Smurthwaite at Uptone and mastered by Mell Dettmer at Aleph Studios. Cover art by Darwin Rodriguez.

Edition of 250 cassettes with download card.

Fungal Abyss – “Year of the Bones,” from Bardo Abgrund Temple



“Bardo Abgrund Temple might quite possibly be the best psychedelic rock CASSETTE this year. The sound is perfectly mixed – you won’t find a drop of lo-fi here, only beautifully (or maybe beatifically?) recorded drums, sharp guitars and thumping bass guitar (which doesn’t drown out other sounds, mind you). Here is some true psych from the true shamans for whom the psychedelic experience is serious business – those guys are not your usual nice “dudes-next-door” who just happen to play a bit “trippy” sounds during a band practice after Sunday school. These dudes are real fuckin’ psychonauts who know how to pack a punch.”
- Weed Temple

“first-rate modern psych rock by a group that knows how to walk the walk.”
- Cassette Gods

Midday Veil – Subterranean Ritual II

Midday Veil - Subterranean Ritual II

[TLO05] The latest installment in Midday Veil’s series of “Subterranean Ritual” improvised recordings, STRII is comprised of two haunting tracks recorded by Mell Dettmer at Aleph Studios.

Edition of 200 cassettes with download card.


(Digital version still available via Bandcamp.)


“The ‘improvised sound rituals’ featured on Midday Veil’s ‘Subterranean Ritual II’ shimmer and sway in a slow motion psychedelic breeze. With droning analog synth, reverberant baritone guitar, and gentle tom strokes leading the way, Emily Pothast’s treated wordless vocals fill in the spaces between, creating a spectral ambience that recedes and crests to the group’s own highly attuned sense of time and (s)pace.”

Cassette Gods

“Great synth emanations, very strong meditative ghostly/Eastern female vocalizations, invocative guitar summons, and truly climactic percussion.  […] a build toward mystical and cosmic encounters that is very successful at trapping the ungraspable, making audibly incarnate the incorporeal.”

Foxy Digitalis

“Sensual and mystical…the rhythms of a world gone completely mad for all the right reasons.”

Tiny Mix Tapes

“…a seductive…slither down a nocturnal, minimal-rock alleyway. It’s all about restraint and exquisite sensual tension, radiating a subliminal shimmer on the horizon of your mind’s eye. Quelle spectral!”

The Stranger

“Midday Veil…possess the spirits of the greats of psychedelic rock (Ash Ra Tempel, especially)”

Weed Temple

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Portable Shrines Magic Sound Theatre Vol. 1

Portable Shrines Magic Sound Theatre Vol. 1 cover

[TLO04] Portable Shrines Magic Sound Theatre Vol. 1

Double LP vinyl-only compilation curated by Portable Shrines, the DIY organization responsible for Seattle’s Escalator Festival (2009-2011). Features rare or exclusive tracks by eighteen garage, psych, and experimental bands from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Deluxe gatefold packaging features artwork by Aubrey Nehring, Emily Pothast, Garek Druss, Dewey Mahood and Steve Quenell. Mastered by Mell Dettmer at Aleph Studios.

Limited edition of 1000 LPs with download card included.

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“…this sprawling double album collects together some of the finest bands currently working the Northwest offering an eclectic and often excellent overview of the scene. Limited to only 1000 copies, this lovingly compiled vinyl artefact is housed in a sleeve designed by the collective, the graphics matching the music, the whole thing proving that there is a place in the world for music that steps across boundaries and does what it damn well wants. Show some support and check it out.” – Simon Lewis, Terrascope UK


  1. Geist & the Sacred Ensemble – Circles
  2. Plankton Wat – Astro Fields
  3. Tiny Light – Shasta
  4. Diminished Men – Oblong Trance
  5. To Get Her Together – Gotta Make Your Hands Work
  6. AFCGT – Clock
  7. Midday Veil – Child of God
  8. Brother Raven – Beast
  9. Eternal Tapestry – Chrome Forest
  10. Prince Rama – I am not invincible
  11. Master Musicians of Bukkake – BAN A CHU*
  12. Janina Angel Bath – Mudra
  13. Blood Red Dancers – The Lamb
  14. This Blinding Light – Soul On Fire
  15. Night Beats – Thorns
  16. Purple Rhinestone Eagle – Burn It Down
  17. A Story of Rats – _/_ (revised)
  18. Kinski – Whatever Happened to Madeleine Stowe

*Master Musicians of Bukkake track is exclusive to vinyl (not included in download).

Midday Veil – Eyes All Around

[TLO 03] Debut studio full-length from Midday Veil.  Produced and recorded by Mell Dettmer at Aleph Studios in West Seattle.

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“gorgeousness wrapped up in a song […] An album for repeated listens that rewards your efforts”

“Eyes All Around is an album of perfect balance – a meditation on life and death, light and dark, ambient, near-subliminal blankets of sound and loud, jaw-clenching power. It is an album in the truest sense: oversized, vividly illustrated and providing an anthology of distinct, yet distinctly intertwined, songs, sounds and emotions.”

Revolt of the Apes

“Eyes All Around is one of those ‘take you on a journey’ recordings; it’s a sensational round trip that’s both exceptionally harrowing and blissful, mystical and earthy, cerebral and sensual. Mind expansion rarely is this sexy.”
– Dave Segal,  The Stranger

Selected tracks from Eyes All Around by Midday Veil