Geist & The Sacred Ensemble

Live at the Josephine-photo by Shane Williams

Photo by Shane Williams

Founded in 2006 by frontman Michael Sauder and percussionist Samuel Yoder, Seattle’s Geist & the Sacred Ensemble play anachronistic, haunted music that eats a jagged hole in the bottom of any category you try to place it in before it slips off into the cover of a dank, teeming Pacific Northwest night.

Inspired by Ennio Morricone, George Crumb, and Sauder’s experiences of growing up as a gravedigger from a Christian household in Lancaster, PA, Geist’s dramatic, largely acoustic music glows like an insistent, uncanny ember of a darker, more primordial time.

“There’s a slightly sinister Wicker Man vibe to Geist & the Sacred Ensemble’s compositions, a tribal, primitive aura that can send ripples of unease through urbanized citizens who are detached from their roots.”
– Dave Segal, The Stranger

Available music:

In Search of Fabled Lands [CS, 2011]

Portable Shrines Magic Sound Theatre Vol. I [2LP, 2011]